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Dr. Tracie M. Cusimano is a Huntington Beach chiropractor who provides gentle treatments for neck pain, sciatica, back pain, herniated discs, headaches, whiplash and many more conditions for patients in Huntington Beach, Westminster, Fountain Valley and surrounding areas.

As a chiropractor serving the Huntington Beach area for over 13 years, Dr. Cusimano has extensive experience and has helped patients recover from sports injuries, work related injuries and automobile accident injuries. She is committed to relieving your pain using the combined principles of chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage therapy.

Dr. Cusimano's approach to chiropractic care focuses on the mechanical problems of the spine that may be causing your symptoms. By restoring normal aligmnent and movement of the spinal joints, the nervous system can function at an optimal level. As a result, you have improved function and less pain. This approach is different from traditional medicine, which relies on medication to "cover up" your pain rather than treating the underlying cause of your problem.

Dr. Cuismano uses a variety of techniques to get you on the road to good health. The utilization of chiropractic adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, massage therapy and exercise instruction are only a few tools under Dr. Cusimano's belt.

Although a chiropractor cannot "cure" a condition such as osteoarthritis, we can help you restore and maintain as much function as possible to help you live in less pain and discomfort.

Patients seeking care with us are assured of receiving only the finest quality care, because Dr. Cusimano has a genuine concern for your well-being. Our Huntington Beach office is conveintly located in Old World Village near Beach Blvd. and the 405 freeway.

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According to The Association of Chiropractic Colleges, "chiropractic is a health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery ...
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Chiropractors can help pregnancy pain and ease

The stress placed on a woman's body during pregnancy can lead to many complications that, while not life-threatening, cause discomfort or pain. In many cases, a chiropractors adjustment can alleviate pregnancy pain, decrease delivery time, and improve the babys position in-utero.

Anne Packard-Spicer, DC, a faculty clinician at Northwestern Health Sciences University, says a chiropractors adjustment can balance a womans spine and pelvis for normal functioning of the muscular and nervous systems. This allows better maternal body function, which will have a benefit to the baby.

According to Packard-Spicer, when a womans pelvis is properly aligned, the uterus will be under less nerve and mechanical stress, which causes the baby to be in a more comfortable position during labor. Chiropractic adjustments can begin at any time and can continue all the way up to the day of delivery.

Many women worry about getting adjusted while they are pregnant, but chiropractic is gentle and very safe throughout pregnancy,says Packard-Spicer. There is no evidence that adjustments have ever harmed a pregnant woman or her baby. In my 12 years of experience, it is safe, gentle, and effective.

Packard-Spicer says that pregnant women who are experiencing little to no pain should seek an evaluation by a chiropractor to assess whether they are experiencing any misalignments. Asymptomatic patients may not need to be adjusted, but should be evaluated on a regular basis during pregnancy. Additionally, women who are considering becoming pregnant should receive an evaluation by a chiropractor three months before conceiving.

Pregnant women who are experiencing back or leg pain should be adjusted two-to-three times a week until their pain is stabilized, says Packard-Spicer.

After delivery, women should seek chiropractic care within the first 12 weeks, adds Packard-Spicer. During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin circulates throughout the body, loosening the joints so that the pelvis can stretch open during delivery. After birth, the joints begin to tighten again. Checking for proper spinal alignment during this time may allow for the correction of chronic problems by allowing the spine to tighten in a normal alignment.

Source: Northwestern Health Sciences University,


The Three Keys to a Healthy spine.


By Dr. +Tracie M. Cusimano

It is easier to stay healthy than it is to get well!

Keeping the body strong, flexible and aligned is the key to a healthy spine.This is for those of you that have developed lower back pain for no reason at all. You may be puzzled when trying to think of the reason why your pain started. One day you were fine and the next day you are in pain thinking why did this happen to me. You are not alone. In fact, many of my patients with lower back pain are without some type of initiating event. The three keys to a healthy spine need to be investigated further to see if one or more are the cause of your back pain. In addition, keeping your spine healthy will decrease the chance of having another episode of back pain in the future.

The first key is alignment. Proper alignment is essential for spine health. Altered alignment of the spine can lead to irritation of the spinal nerves. An irritated spinal nerve can result in symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, muscle spasm and altered physiologic function. In additions to the symptoms, prolonged altered alignment can lead to uneven wear and tear on the spine, resulting in degenerative joint disease. The main focus of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore normal alignment and movement of the spine.

The second key is flexibility. The spine needs to be supported by flexible muscles. The normal structure of the lumbar spine includes a curve called a lordosis. Problems can result if the curve is increased or decreased beyond its normal range. Flexible muscles help normalize this curve. Consequently, excessive stress is placed upon the spine when tight muscles pull it beyond its normal range. Some of the muscles that contribute to the lumbar lordosis include the hamstrings and rectus femoris.


The third key is strength. A strong core stabilizes the spine. Weakness, like tight muscles, can result in excessive stress being placed upon the spine. Some of the core muscles include the abdominal muscles, errector spinae and iliopsoas.


It is essential that these three keys be addressed by your doctor when managing your lower back pain.



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